Friday, August 8, 2008


I was out checking on my tomatoes like I do every morning and something caught my eye. At first I thought it was leaves and then I realized, "Hey, those aren't tomato leaves!"
I grabbed the camera and snapped away.

UPDATE: This oh so neat looking "caterpillar" is not so much... Mom emailed me and told me that this is a Tomato Horn Worm and to get rid of it post haste. Hope it's still there when Pete gets home so he can dispose of the nasty little bugger.

More pretty pictures

So, since I've had some time on my hands I've really enjoyed taking pictures...
The other day I was out on the deck and I saw this really pretty cloud. It almost looked like another world beyond.
Isn't it pretty?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mutant Cherry Tomatoes

So, we grew these Cherry Tomatoes from seed.
OMG- I have one normal one so far, the rest are Goliath.
By themselves

Here they are with their wee sibling.

Picture quality isn't the best but you get the picture (pun intended.)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My new haircut

looks a little something like this!
Loving it!

Relaxing day

I'm kinda bored now. But, I am glad I am not having to worry about anything. Tomorrow I have to start cleaning for our weekend guests.
J & H are coming to visit us on Saturday. There is a birthday party for Kayla (cannot believe she's two already) and then we're visiting with them. Haven't seen them since they're wedding in Seattle last September.
They're bringing their dog Boomer. Golden Retriever. Should be fun with Daisy. She'll have a blast.
Alright, off to master those Pogo badges.
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