Thursday, February 18, 2010

And.... I've failed but I'm ok with it

So I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm NOT going to blog every day. And that's, O.K.

I've decided that I'm going to BlogHer this year. Not that I'm a successful blogger but it'll be fun. And I can meet the Bloggess so that's cool. My sister is going to go too.

I can just see us now. Me, the frantic traveler. OCD to the max but I "disguise" it with the, "I'm cool." Really, I'm screaming inside.
It brings to mind a time when my family and I were traveling home from a visit to my dying grandmother.
We had to catch a connecting flight in... (dum dum dum dummmmm) Atlanta. I hate that airport with all of my being.

So, we're flying in from Sarasota and we're flying into gate A. Our connecting flight is leaving from gate D. I don't know if you've ever flown from Atlanta but despite being two letters apart those two gates are VERY FAR APART. They're so far apart that they have a BLEEPING subway system in the airport to shuttle you between the gates.

So we land thinking that we have PLENTY of time to get there and we don't know, at the time, that they have canceled the flight before ours.
So, being the crazed, nicotine deprived person that I was, I am on a mission from GOD to get to that plane. My parents, although not elderly, do not move as quickly as I. I think I got the "fire under the ass" gene in the family. I mean no disrespect but when I want to be somewhere I HAVE GOT TO GET THERE AND I HAVE GOT TO GET THERE NOW!

Picture me, hauling ass down the hallways, weaving in and out of people, my sister yelling, "Susie?"
I turn around and yell, "HURRY UP!" I am on a mission and I don't even care that I'm being a total bitch.
We get down the escalators to the train. It's packed. I am fuming. I am shooting hate in so many areas.
I'm sure there are some of those people with hate cancer now. I'm sure most of you have not heard of it but it's a bitch and nearly incurable.

The train finally comes and people pile on. I think I'm getting closer and I'm grabbing my family and trying to get them to be as road ragey as me. But, the door shuts in my face.
I turn to my family and say, "We're not getting this flight."
My dad reassures us that we're probably fine in the way that only my father can... My mother looks like she is secretly seething and I have the feeling that I am just acting out what she is really feeling.

It seems like an eternity but another shuttle comes. We pack in... I want to punch people for breathing too closely to me and I'm totally tired of smelling other people.
We FINALLY get to where we need to be and we find out that they CANCELLED the flight before us and put all those people ON OUR FLIGHT! WTF?!
So, they tell us to go to the courtesy desk to reschedule, yadda, yadda, yadda.... We're going to have to be on standby for the next flight, yadda, yadda, yadda...
I look at my family, grab my bag, turn around and HAUL ASS to the courtesy counter and when I say courtesy counter I mean smoking room.
I smoked like two cigarettes before I stopped with my stroke.
The family was sitting. I thought my mom wanted to bitch slap someone. So, we head out towards the courtesy counter to figure out what we're going to do. Again, I'm doing my bob and weave through the crowd like that ASSHOLE you hate on the highway and we get to the counter where there there is this lovely young man towing the party line.
"We're sorry for your inconvenience. We will put you on standby for the next flight."
And then you hear me from the back.... "Oh, HELL NO! (my mother got my father out of the way) This was not our fault. You canceled the flight before ours. We were on time for our flight....."

We got pushed to the front of the line. Apparently either I was really scary or they didn't want to deal with me.
We were to land around 6, I think. We landed around 9. Horrible.
Anyway.... I hope my sister still wants to travel with me to Blogher!
It's under a 2 hour drive for me where I live and would be fantastic!

Friday, February 12, 2010

I suck at this NaBloPoMo thing

I suck badly. I missed yesterday. I worked Wednesday and Thursday from home and I'd had it with the computer by the time I was done. It was not the best time in the world. Nothing about work. I'm just OCD.
If i'm not in the exact spot that I would be in with the same equipment I am pretty much worthless. Ask my co-workers. Its pitiful.

Speaking of my co-workers. They are the best! And I feel a little guilty.
They had these Lollipop Grams that they were doing at work for Heart Health Awareness month and we were to buy these valentiney thingies and you had to pay some money.. not sure how much.
The first time they sent the email I was out sick for three days. I've had Snotopotamus for a while. We've discussed this.
In any event, I think I deleted the initial email they sent. Anyway, my supervisor came around today with the "valentines" She kept coming by my desk. I got seven! I can't believe it.
I turned a co-worker and said, "this would so not have happened in high school."
It was surreal. Isn't it funny how things turn into popularity contests. I guess we're hard wired.

Ok, I'm done... I'm going to do my djing on
Join me! I'm DJ Daisypantalones :)
Ok so there's only one person reading this and she already know this but a girl has dreams.

Who wants to read the inarticulate rantings of a crazy woman? My sister. Only because she has to. :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The snow has lost its charm

Yep, I' m sick of it. It's still snowing and we've got about four feet of it already.
And I hear we're getting more on Monday. Huzzah! Just what we need!
I guess if I didn't have to work it wouldn't be a big deal but I can work from home so there's that.
Not bitter. Just whiny.

I think tomorrow hubs and I will make a really inappropriate snowman. You know, something to offend my elderly and/or Mennonite neighbors.

While you wait for my inappropriate snowman pics, here are some snow pics to tide you over.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day four of my fabulous adventure

So I figured I should get this posting thing over with before I've had so many rum and coke's that I'm incoherent. Not sure if it would make much difference though. Really.

Not that anyone reads this anyway... Well, my sister does, but she HAS to. The whole sibling obligation thing. Which reminds me, I haven't read her blog in a while... I'm a horrible sister. Have I mentioned that before?

I actually thought I was not going to be able to post today because we've been having problems with our interwebs connection lately. Turns out we just needed to reset the modem... Go figure! I'm am such a Technotard. Truly. The fact that a multitude of people rely on me, every day, to operate a computer AND a phone AND hold an intelligent, informed conversation at the same time totally mystifies me.

In any event, I'd come home early from work to make sure that I was all set for telecommuting tomorrow and the "small" problem that I thought we were having with the internet yesterday turned out to be a HUGE problem. No connection. All I will say about that is that hubs came home and saved the day(cue the silent film music; picture me with hand on forehead) and we're all good now. Enough about work.

So, about the weather you ask? It sucks. I've covered that in my previous post. I'm sick of snow. I'm sick of cold. I'm sick of being sick. I'm ready for some sunshine and some chirping baby birds in the trees and tulips and even a little mud. Mud would be good right now.

Well, I have some rum and cokes to drink and some LOST to watch! I' m so sad that it's in it's final season. I'm sure I'll have an opinion about it tomorrow.
Oh lookie, I have tomorrow's post figured out!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Just wanted to get your attention.

So, it hit me today and I would really like to know the answer to this question!
How much snot can one human make?! I mean, really?!

Snotopotamus is really starting to get on my nerves and I'm sure my co-workers are sick of hearing my blow my nose every two seconds. It is not a pleasant sound, by the way. I will not elaborate.

Also, we're waiting for another crapload of snow to hit us. We had about two feet fall from Friday into Saturday and we're expected to get at least another foot tomorrow night into Wednesday.
This should really make the morning commute interesting, if we have work.

Both hubs and I work about an hour away from where we live. Normally this is not an issue however a couple weeks ago we had one heck of a morning.
Occasionally, we will carpool with each other and overnight on this particular occasion we had about a half an inch of snow. Maybe an inch. For some reason, NO ONE KNEW ABOUT THIS.
There was no treating of the roads. There were no plows. There was apparently NO WARNING.

So, hubs and I leave the house (tra la la...) and we get about 2 miles away and we hit a patch of ice and slide almost into a field. After that mishap we have pretty smooth sailing until we get to the bridge over the turnpike. It. Was. A. Parking. Lot.
And I'm thinking, "Hells no!" and hubs and I decide to take one of the other roads to the next exit after we hear there is an accident right at the exit. We'd rather be driving than sitting even if it takes a little longer, right? Right.
Along we go, innocently (tra la la...) along with every other Morgantown resident, it seems, along the main road.

Fast forward a little bit (and by a little bit I mean 30 minutes to go like ONE MILE) and we have cars pulled over on the side of the road, cars spinning out trying to go up these small hills, and then we stop.
And we sit.
We've heard on the radio that there are at least three accidents between the exit where we just were and the one we want to get to. Apparently, this was a surprise to everyone and if you're in Philadelphia there was nothing. It's sunny and brisk and fabulous. People are driving to work, with no incident, as if they do it every day. Imagine!

And we sit some more.
We see cars going by in the opposite direction and we cannot figure out what the hold-up is.
And we sit even longer. This has taken about 2 hours to travel 20 miles and I am not kidding you. I am beside myself. I have finished my coffee. I've quit smoking but hubs hasn't and he has three left and they're taunting me.

So I did what any rational woman would do. I turned to my hubs, opened my mouth and screamed at the top of my lungs.

He just looked at me. (Not much phases him. He is married to a psycho.)
I tried to get him to do it. I told him it would make him feel better.

He just stared at me.

So I screamed again.

Actually I think I did it like four or five times. I started to make him nervous and he asked me to stop, nicely, so I did. And then I screamed again.

We finally got through the traffic jam, after two hours of joy, and do you know what caused it?

I have no idea so if you find out please let me know. There was no accident. Just two guys sitting on the side of the road. I guess there could have been an accident but no one died so it doesn't count.
All in all, it took me three and a half hours to get to work that day. I really thought no one would believe me. It was like we were in some alternate universe. I didn't like it.

So, I'm really not in the mood to go through that again.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Joining this NaBloPoMo thing a little late and I'm being stalked by a sinus infection.

I'm doing it anyway, starting today.
So, I've been basically miserable since before Christmas with a chronic upper respiratory infection. It's driving me and my bacteria bonkers. I've figured since it's been with me for months I should name it.
Having really given it some thought, I've named it Snotopotamus.

I've been on so many antibiotics I should be a walking yeasty beast but I'm good. So far... (TMI, I know.)

Let's see. I've been on Ceftin and it really worked. I finished that before Christmas. Then, a couple days later, "Snotopotamus" came back with a vengeance.

So, I called my favorite medical professional back and had to get an appointment with the nurse, who I'm not particularly fond of. Honestly, when I come into the office for a sinus infection why are you taking my weight.? Can't you see that I'm too fat for my frame? Honestly! This is not a news flash,! Just make the snot go away, ok?

So, I got my Z-pack and that worked for about 10 days. Around day 12 I hear a knock on the door. Guess who's back?
You guessed it, Snotopotamus. And he brought his friend Vertigo along again. So I threw them a welcome home party and called the doc for more meds. I'm all about sharing.

In the meantime a co-worker suggested I go to an ENT. That would only make sense, right?

So, I call a local ENT and tell them that I've been dealing with this for over a month and this thing won't go away and I'm dizzy... yadda, yadda, yadda...

They say, "Oh! We have to get you in here right away. Our next appointment is February 3."
Keep in mind that this is a week away. I'm thinking, "I could totally die by then!"
So I make the appointment and then resume my hypochondriacal behavior. In reality, this is not a sinus infection. I am clearly dying from an inoperable brain tumor or it's meningitis or I have Multiple Sclerosis and it's just being diagnosed now. I WebMd a lot. It's never good. Don't do it.

Well, it took the nurse at my doctor's office a day to call back and they want to put me back on Ceftin. Ceftin? I was on Ceftin! Why more Ceftin?! Ceftin only worked for a little bit! It's like only taking one Ativan. Come on!

So, I found an appointment with another ENT (with some help from my super-awesome co-workers) and they can get me in the next day, amazingly. (This is a whole other blog post. That man was hilarious and deserves a post all to himself!)
He puts me on Bactroban. Curious, I look it up. It's the drug they give to people with MRSA.
I don't have MRSA but I figure this is some serious shit and it will take out Mr. Snotopotamus for sure. The trick here is that it's a nasal spray. And it is DISGUSTING and Snotopotamus is immune to MRSA drugs apparently. WTF?!
I burned my throat within an inch of its life and a couple days later, guess who's back?!
Fucking Snotopotamus and his quirky sidekick Vertigo (Hola!) And he's really pissed this time. He took me out of the game for three days.

So, I go back to PCP and he puts me on Avolex with the caveat that if it doesn't kick it this time I'm getting a CAT Scan.

That was it as of Friday. Today, I feel much better after being on the anti-biotics for two days. I have a re-fill if it comes back. He better step off or Ima get really pissed this time.

I'm being stalked by a sinus infection. For reals y'all. I don't think they have restraining orders for this situation.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

New venture

Uh oh. I've discovered charting for knitting. I'm learning to read them and also excited to say that I've put one of my created patterns on a chart.
It's a cabled sock that I designed because I was bored.
It's neat looking and will have to post on Ravelry.
I'm very excited. I've designed before for scarves I've made people as gifts but never thought to write them down.

Watch out world. More to come!
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