Sunday, February 7, 2010

Joining this NaBloPoMo thing a little late and I'm being stalked by a sinus infection.

I'm doing it anyway, starting today.
So, I've been basically miserable since before Christmas with a chronic upper respiratory infection. It's driving me and my bacteria bonkers. I've figured since it's been with me for months I should name it.
Having really given it some thought, I've named it Snotopotamus.

I've been on so many antibiotics I should be a walking yeasty beast but I'm good. So far... (TMI, I know.)

Let's see. I've been on Ceftin and it really worked. I finished that before Christmas. Then, a couple days later, "Snotopotamus" came back with a vengeance.

So, I called my favorite medical professional back and had to get an appointment with the nurse, who I'm not particularly fond of. Honestly, when I come into the office for a sinus infection why are you taking my weight.? Can't you see that I'm too fat for my frame? Honestly! This is not a news flash,! Just make the snot go away, ok?

So, I got my Z-pack and that worked for about 10 days. Around day 12 I hear a knock on the door. Guess who's back?
You guessed it, Snotopotamus. And he brought his friend Vertigo along again. So I threw them a welcome home party and called the doc for more meds. I'm all about sharing.

In the meantime a co-worker suggested I go to an ENT. That would only make sense, right?

So, I call a local ENT and tell them that I've been dealing with this for over a month and this thing won't go away and I'm dizzy... yadda, yadda, yadda...

They say, "Oh! We have to get you in here right away. Our next appointment is February 3."
Keep in mind that this is a week away. I'm thinking, "I could totally die by then!"
So I make the appointment and then resume my hypochondriacal behavior. In reality, this is not a sinus infection. I am clearly dying from an inoperable brain tumor or it's meningitis or I have Multiple Sclerosis and it's just being diagnosed now. I WebMd a lot. It's never good. Don't do it.

Well, it took the nurse at my doctor's office a day to call back and they want to put me back on Ceftin. Ceftin? I was on Ceftin! Why more Ceftin?! Ceftin only worked for a little bit! It's like only taking one Ativan. Come on!

So, I found an appointment with another ENT (with some help from my super-awesome co-workers) and they can get me in the next day, amazingly. (This is a whole other blog post. That man was hilarious and deserves a post all to himself!)
He puts me on Bactroban. Curious, I look it up. It's the drug they give to people with MRSA.
I don't have MRSA but I figure this is some serious shit and it will take out Mr. Snotopotamus for sure. The trick here is that it's a nasal spray. And it is DISGUSTING and Snotopotamus is immune to MRSA drugs apparently. WTF?!
I burned my throat within an inch of its life and a couple days later, guess who's back?!
Fucking Snotopotamus and his quirky sidekick Vertigo (Hola!) And he's really pissed this time. He took me out of the game for three days.

So, I go back to PCP and he puts me on Avolex with the caveat that if it doesn't kick it this time I'm getting a CAT Scan.

That was it as of Friday. Today, I feel much better after being on the anti-biotics for two days. I have a re-fill if it comes back. He better step off or Ima get really pissed this time.

I'm being stalked by a sinus infection. For reals y'all. I don't think they have restraining orders for this situation.


  1. Have you considered that maybe you have an allergy? That this thing keeps coming back 'cause there's something in the house (maybe in the duct work) that keeps blowing around and eventually gets up your nose?

    BTW, it took a minute for me to figure out the "ENT" was "Ear Nose & Throat." I immediately pictured Treebeard.

  2. Yes, I'm quite sure it is due to an allergy but I don't think it's at home.
    I seem to be at my worst at work. Now, we just moved to the basement and it's new construction so I think that has something to do with it.
    I'm moving upstairs shortly. If it still bothers me then it has to be home. That is the only thing in my life that has changed.
    Of course I am cleaning like crazy now. I'm a dust monster.


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