Thursday, July 31, 2008

More pretty flowers

Well, I took a couple more pictures with my cell phone today. The Hibiscus has a couple new flowers. They only seem to last a day but that's OK, there's more on the way. Wow the echinacea looks wee tiny next to this monster.

The wee tiny echinacea close up. This smells so good. The dog greets it every morning when we come outside. Make that every time. :)

Here are some Delphiniums. They've perked up some since I brought them home

Here is a Black Taro plant that is in the pond. I wanted to take some pictures of the Iris that had bloomed but they are long since done for the season.

Don't have much else to say. Today was stressful but I think I managed to finish the tasks set before me while my boss was on vacation. Well, as much as I could anyway, without her input.
I'm telling her on Monday that I'm done on Tuesday so that should be fun.
Can't wait for that conversation.

But, what a weight will be off my shoulders then. WHEW! Mental and physical relief.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Love Story and a pretty picture

So, up I get this morning. I make the coffee, put out the awning and drag the computer and a cup of hot coffee to the deck.
Once there I realize, I hear a locust. A VERY LOUD LOCUST. And I say to myself, "Self, where could this locust be."
Then I realize that it is on the deck about 5 feet from me hanging onto the side. It's singing, rubbing it's heart out or whatever they do. I got close enough to see its butt shaking and the wings going calling for a mate.
I managed to grab a picture from my cell phone. I don't know that I've ever seen one live.
So, as I'm talking to my neighbor about the locust on the deck, in comes another. It looks slightly different so I'm assuming it's either the male or female returning the call.
So now they're both on the deck yelling at each other. I could not get close enough to get a picture of both and to be frank, I didn't want to interrupt their rendezvous.

But, I did manage to get a picture of the new Hibiscus flower that appeared this morning. How pretty!

Now I have to get ready for my last Open House ever.
Ok, going to enjoy my coffee and listen to the sounds of the Fivepointville wildlife procreate.
(Play, sound of rooster.)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Pictures- Garden

Well I managed to take some pictures with my cell phone the other day and send them, via Bluetooth, to the computer.
Here they are
.Rose from my gardenYarrow

Butterfly BushMore of my roses
Fox Glove

My new "kids"

Well I hit the greenhouse again today. A couple of weeks ago, I went to Lowes with my hubby and my father-in-law, for something to do, and found a great deal of plants on clearance. I managed to purchase more than $100 worth of plants for under $30. These plants were just no longer "pretty" and just needed a green thumb to get them going.
I purchased a Wine and Roses Wiegla, two Hydrangeas (one Endless Summer and one Variegated leaf), Lavender de Provence, Apple Blossom Yarrow, a six pack of Scotch Moss and another plant that I can't remember what it was called. It looked like some sort of Salvia. Well, the only thing that isn't do well is the Lavender. I think it has been over-watered. Even though I tell everyone to leave it alone, that it needs to dry out, it keeps getting watered because 'it looks like it needs a drink.'
I wanted to take some pictures to post however the camera has broken and I need to mail it back to Cannon for them to replace it.
Well, this morning, I hit the greenhouse and found a number of clearance plants. I purchased God Tip Moss to accent the Scotch Moss we planted by the pond to try and cover some of the stone that we put there. Just to make it look a little more organic, so to speak. The whole side off the deck is all stone. All a bit larger than pea gravel. I have this vision of an English garden so I want that covered up a bit more and more flower beds. We've been doing a flower bed a year. Next year I think we will venture more into the back yard. My father-in-law would like a terraced walkway and beds on each side. I concur.
But, I digress, I purchased A Crimson Wonder Hibiscus (holy cow it's beautiful), Astolat Pacific Giant' Delphinium (a lavender color), Red Heart Hens and Chicks, Echinacea Emily Saul (smells heavenly) and Creeping Phlox (haven't seen the flowers yet because it already bloomed but I think they're a pink color.) All of these are planted in the same bed. I just need to get some stones to put around them and maybe a bit of mulch or compost to define it as a flowerbed.
I'm very pleased. I came home and planted them myself, where I wanted them, before Pete could nix the placement. The three of us were in agreement and he just gets annoyed at having to plant so puts it off until the plants are close to death. So, I took the bull by the horns and did it by myself. As soon as I have access to a camera, I will post pictures on Flickr.

Yesterday I stopped by one of the local farmers markets and got a bunch of fresh local peaches.
I made a Crisp with them and it's in the oven. I can smell the peaches cooking along with the sugar and butter...mmmmmmm Going to go and check on that.

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