Thursday, July 31, 2008

More pretty flowers

Well, I took a couple more pictures with my cell phone today. The Hibiscus has a couple new flowers. They only seem to last a day but that's OK, there's more on the way. Wow the echinacea looks wee tiny next to this monster.

The wee tiny echinacea close up. This smells so good. The dog greets it every morning when we come outside. Make that every time. :)

Here are some Delphiniums. They've perked up some since I brought them home

Here is a Black Taro plant that is in the pond. I wanted to take some pictures of the Iris that had bloomed but they are long since done for the season.

Don't have much else to say. Today was stressful but I think I managed to finish the tasks set before me while my boss was on vacation. Well, as much as I could anyway, without her input.
I'm telling her on Monday that I'm done on Tuesday so that should be fun.
Can't wait for that conversation.

But, what a weight will be off my shoulders then. WHEW! Mental and physical relief.

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