Sunday, November 4, 2012

Let me hold your bags, will you?

I don't claim to be psychic, but I definitely have the ability to pick up on others' feelings all the time from time to time. I am able to feel what other people are feeling and most of the time I take it into myself and don't realize that it's not my feelings that I'm feeling.

I really think that is what most of my anxiety problem is.  I don't like to go to places where there are large groups of people because it's overwhelming on so many levels. I can usually tell when someone is in a bad mood without them saying a word.  Yeah... Yeah... body language... but it's much more than that.  I can just tell.

Normally I try to stay away from those people until they work their shit out.  Sometimes it's unavoidable.

On the other hand, I am a Paranormal Investigator so it definitely comes in handy during investigations.  Sometimes, things just get weird.

I was on an investigation a few months ago and the entire evening I was stressing and thinking that I left my car lights on and that I would get into my car at 3am and the battery would be dead.  I don't know how many times I walked around the house to the edge of the porch and checked my car, each time knowing that the lights were off.  (But were they really off the last twelve times I checked and I just couldn't tell because  of the way the streetlight was shining?)

When we were all packed up and ready to go, I gave strict orders to another investigator that he was not to leave until I had turned my car on and was ready to go.  I got to the car, turned it on and it turned over.  I was so relieved.  I drove home (checking my back seats twelve thousand times to make sure I didn't have any hitchhikers), pulled in, and went to sleep.

The next day what do I find, but another investigator that had carpooled had to be jumped when he got back to another investigator's home.  He had left his lights on and his battery died while we were at the investigation.

Coincidence?  Maybe.

Maybe not.

A few weeks ago, I was involved in an investigation at Pennhurst Asylum.  It was amazing.  At one point, we were in the basement of the Mayflower building when I got the distinct impression that there was a little girl with us.  We were doing an EVP session and I asked, "Is your name, Emily?"  There was no response.

There is a new show on Bio called The Haunting of (insert celebrity name).  It's a show that takes the celebrities from Celebrity Ghost Stories and takes them back to the scene of their experience, with a psychic, Kim Russo (Paranormal State), and she does a reading there.

On this particular episode, The Haunting of Beverley Mitchell, Kim met Beverley back at Pennhurst where Beverley had an experience filming a film.  They entered the Mayflower building where a lot of the filming took place.  Kim and Beverly were on the second floor and Kim said that she felt a little girl with them and she got the name Emma or Emily.  I almost fell off the couch.  How could I have gotten the same thing?!  Yes, my middle name is Emily, but I rarely think about it.  It just popped into my head.

I have a psychic friend who told me that I would be getting signs that I was ready to step more into my "abilities" and to welcome them.  Well, I welcomed them and they keep coming.  I don't think I'll ever call myself a psychic, but I am intuitive and sensitive.  I guess we'll see where this takes me.

Have you ever had a strange experience like this?  I'm dying (no pun intended... well, kinda) to hear about it!
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