Friday, February 12, 2010

I suck at this NaBloPoMo thing

I suck badly. I missed yesterday. I worked Wednesday and Thursday from home and I'd had it with the computer by the time I was done. It was not the best time in the world. Nothing about work. I'm just OCD.
If i'm not in the exact spot that I would be in with the same equipment I am pretty much worthless. Ask my co-workers. Its pitiful.

Speaking of my co-workers. They are the best! And I feel a little guilty.
They had these Lollipop Grams that they were doing at work for Heart Health Awareness month and we were to buy these valentiney thingies and you had to pay some money.. not sure how much.
The first time they sent the email I was out sick for three days. I've had Snotopotamus for a while. We've discussed this.
In any event, I think I deleted the initial email they sent. Anyway, my supervisor came around today with the "valentines" She kept coming by my desk. I got seven! I can't believe it.
I turned a co-worker and said, "this would so not have happened in high school."
It was surreal. Isn't it funny how things turn into popularity contests. I guess we're hard wired.

Ok, I'm done... I'm going to do my djing on
Join me! I'm DJ Daisypantalones :)
Ok so there's only one person reading this and she already know this but a girl has dreams.

Who wants to read the inarticulate rantings of a crazy woman? My sister. Only because she has to. :)

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