Thursday, February 18, 2010

And.... I've failed but I'm ok with it

So I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm NOT going to blog every day. And that's, O.K.

I've decided that I'm going to BlogHer this year. Not that I'm a successful blogger but it'll be fun. And I can meet the Bloggess so that's cool. My sister is going to go too.

I can just see us now. Me, the frantic traveler. OCD to the max but I "disguise" it with the, "I'm cool." Really, I'm screaming inside.
It brings to mind a time when my family and I were traveling home from a visit to my dying grandmother.
We had to catch a connecting flight in... (dum dum dum dummmmm) Atlanta. I hate that airport with all of my being.

So, we're flying in from Sarasota and we're flying into gate A. Our connecting flight is leaving from gate D. I don't know if you've ever flown from Atlanta but despite being two letters apart those two gates are VERY FAR APART. They're so far apart that they have a BLEEPING subway system in the airport to shuttle you between the gates.

So we land thinking that we have PLENTY of time to get there and we don't know, at the time, that they have canceled the flight before ours.
So, being the crazed, nicotine deprived person that I was, I am on a mission from GOD to get to that plane. My parents, although not elderly, do not move as quickly as I. I think I got the "fire under the ass" gene in the family. I mean no disrespect but when I want to be somewhere I HAVE GOT TO GET THERE AND I HAVE GOT TO GET THERE NOW!

Picture me, hauling ass down the hallways, weaving in and out of people, my sister yelling, "Susie?"
I turn around and yell, "HURRY UP!" I am on a mission and I don't even care that I'm being a total bitch.
We get down the escalators to the train. It's packed. I am fuming. I am shooting hate in so many areas.
I'm sure there are some of those people with hate cancer now. I'm sure most of you have not heard of it but it's a bitch and nearly incurable.

The train finally comes and people pile on. I think I'm getting closer and I'm grabbing my family and trying to get them to be as road ragey as me. But, the door shuts in my face.
I turn to my family and say, "We're not getting this flight."
My dad reassures us that we're probably fine in the way that only my father can... My mother looks like she is secretly seething and I have the feeling that I am just acting out what she is really feeling.

It seems like an eternity but another shuttle comes. We pack in... I want to punch people for breathing too closely to me and I'm totally tired of smelling other people.
We FINALLY get to where we need to be and we find out that they CANCELLED the flight before us and put all those people ON OUR FLIGHT! WTF?!
So, they tell us to go to the courtesy desk to reschedule, yadda, yadda, yadda.... We're going to have to be on standby for the next flight, yadda, yadda, yadda...
I look at my family, grab my bag, turn around and HAUL ASS to the courtesy counter and when I say courtesy counter I mean smoking room.
I smoked like two cigarettes before I stopped with my stroke.
The family was sitting. I thought my mom wanted to bitch slap someone. So, we head out towards the courtesy counter to figure out what we're going to do. Again, I'm doing my bob and weave through the crowd like that ASSHOLE you hate on the highway and we get to the counter where there there is this lovely young man towing the party line.
"We're sorry for your inconvenience. We will put you on standby for the next flight."
And then you hear me from the back.... "Oh, HELL NO! (my mother got my father out of the way) This was not our fault. You canceled the flight before ours. We were on time for our flight....."

We got pushed to the front of the line. Apparently either I was really scary or they didn't want to deal with me.
We were to land around 6, I think. We landed around 9. Horrible.
Anyway.... I hope my sister still wants to travel with me to Blogher!
It's under a 2 hour drive for me where I live and would be fantastic!

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  1. See, I knew when I looked at our tickets that there was going to be trouble. I've been in that airport before, I knew how hellish it was to get from one end to the other. But I wasn't about to quibble, since I'm not the one who bought the tickets, and there wasn't a thing to do about it now that we had them. I cannot understand why they don't have all of the flights that belong to one airline land in the same damn place. They were both Delta. Why were they in different sections?

    So Stretch has ok'd the money part of things? Awesome!

    You sure you wanna drive in NYC? Your head might 'splode.


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