Friday, May 14, 2010

Shhhhh... It happens!

Been a long time since I've posted... Surprise!
I'm going to continue my sporadic posting so obviously I don't want committed readers.

So, I'm going to a concert tomorrow and I'm excited!
Sugarland! I love them.

A lot of people don't like country music but I do. And I believe a lot of people are closeted country music lovers. Why?! I don't get it.
I know. You say "It's twangy." Yeah, yeah, yeah. Not all of it.
And, by the way, it's folk music at it's core. Sure there's a lot of, "My girl/boy left me. My dog died. I lost my job. I have no money." That's what life is about. That's what happens. I guess some people don't like to be reminded of it but most music says the same thing. I guess it's just the presentation that kills people. It's ironic that a lot of people that hate county music like folk music or Celtic music or the blues. I guess they don't see the correlation.

I plan on having a great time at the concert tomorrow. I had to warn my friend that I would be annoying. I WILL be singing every song even if I don't know the words. I WILL be complaining that I never made it in the music world because I never tried. I WILL be explaining that I sing and that I still write music. I WILL be vowing to put my all into trying to make it. I WILL wake up the next morning feeling silly but still riding off the high of the energy at the gathering. That will last a couple of days until I'm sucked back into the world of Health Care.

Ok, I'm done.



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  2. Once more, with feeling!

    I hit a button I shouldn't'a oughta and my post went "poof."

    To repeat (with some variation 'cause my memory's crap today):

    By "someone" I suppose you mean me. I know I've had the twangy complaint, I like bluegrass, I like Celtic, I even like some blues. Most country, not so much. Some of it's okay. Some of it makes me want to rip off my ears to keep from hearing any more of it. But then, Brittney Spears triggers that reaction in me too, so...who knows?


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