Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Cooking

I love cooking on Sundays so I've decided to start a series of posts called Sunday Cooking.   Sunday meals are a long-standing tradition in so many families.  Each week, I will post a recipe/link to a recipe that the hubs and I are making.  Enjoy and please send along any suggestions!

I LOVE MEATBALLS.  I can't stand going to a restaurant, ordering Spaghetti and "homemade" meatballs only to find they are the frozen bag-variety meatballs so I went on a mission to find a good meatball recipe. I immediately found this one.  There were a ton of good reviews so I figured what the heck! Today I bring you, Rao's meatballs!  This is the best meatball recipe that I've found.  They are amazing.
Rao's has been in business since the late 1800's and has been serving home-style Italian food ever since Charles Rao bought the saloon at West 114 Street in Spanish Harlem in 1896.  This really is such a great recipe.  You have to try it!

I won't repeat the recipe here because it's not mine, but it has a good bit of of cheese and breadcrumbs in it.  It really makes the outside crunchy and the inside really moist.  The meatballs really hold up well in the sauce.   I've eaten them on rolls, but tonight we're having Spaghetti and Meatballs.  Comfort food is wonderful!

Of course, no great Italian meal is complete without some good wine.  We're pairing tonight's meal with Pinot Evil Pinot Noir.

Look for more Sunday Cooking posts. Hubs and I are toying with a food blog.  Tell me what you think!

Enjoy the week!  I will be enjoying left-overs!

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