Friday, September 14, 2007

Good morning! or गूढ़ मोर्निंग That thing is neat.
Pete got up for work, this morning, at 3:30 am and I tossed and turned for a good hour after that. I decided to get up and start moving. Have a lot to do today...
So, first thing I had to remember to do was plug in my IPod so that charges up. Also have to add all the new music I've bought since we got back from the Keys. I have to post some pictures here. We had such a great time. I hope we have as good a time in Seattle.

Of course, I'm petrified of flying long distances. It wasn't so bad when we went to Florida because we had a layover in Atlanta. Although I hate the Atlanta airport, at least it was two hour and a half flights instead of one five to seven hour flight. I'm nervous about that.
I'm supposing security will be extra tight this weekend due to the anniversary being so close but that's not what I'm necessarily scared of.
I mean really, when your hurtling something through space wouldn't you want it to be as light as possible? That's my theory. Well, my husband would rather fly on something larger and not stop. So, we go straight through which is nice because you don't have any layovers but for me, not so good, due to my anxiousness. I should have called my doctor for a prescription for Ativan or something. Oi!
Ok, anyway, off to finish up some last minute items. Coffee just beeped. YAY!
More later...


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  1. Have a good trip! And welcome to the blogosphere!

    By the way, what did you mean by "that thing?" Did you find somewhere that translates English into Sanskrit?

  2. When you go to write your entry, there is a spot at the top to check off if you want to write it in Hindi.
    Not sure why just Hindi but... whatever :)


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