Thursday, September 20, 2007

Home, Home on the Range

Well, we're back and I'm finally getting back in the groove of things. We landed on Monday night and got home just in time to see the Eagles give the game to the Redskins. Was very disappointing but 'nough said.
We had a great time in Seattle. It is truly a great city.
We landed on Friday evening after a horribly long flight. It wouldn't have been so bad if we hadn't sat on the runway in Philadelphia for an hour and a half before taking off. It seemed as if we were in that plane for-e-ver....
Well, we landed around 9:30 pm and waited for friends who were on another flight. They had rented a car so they drove us to our hotel.
We stayed at the Waterfront Mariott. Oh my was that beautiful place. Upon walking in they had fresh cut lilies. The fragrance smacked you right in the face. Good thing I love the smell.
We had the best room in the house, in my opinion. We walked in and our jaws dropped. To of the walls were completely windows. One set overlooked Puget Sound and the other faced Bells Pier and the Maritime museum.
We looked at the scenery for a bit and then decided to get something to eat. Good Pizza. Garlic, mushrooms, artichoke hearts and sun dried tomatoes... YUMMY!

We got up relatively early on Saturday and decided to go wander the city. The Pike Street Market was only a couple blocks away so we wandered up there. Grabbed these awesome little pastries from Peroshky Peroshky (don't know if I spelled that right.) They were yummy! Pete had seen them featured on "No Reservations" with Anthony Bourdain. And since he loves him some Anthony Bourdain, we had to try them. They were so good. Basically it's puff pastry but it's got lots of yummy things inside. I opted for the Cherry White Chocolate and Pete got the Egg, Spinach and Cheese. Both were very good.
We then wandered over to a coffee shop to get some, well, coffee and then met up with John, the groom.
After the coffee we decided to wander over to Pike Street market and walk around. WOW.
The first thing we saw was a flower stand. It was like diving face first into a rainbow. A good-smelling rainbow at that! They had about ten different types of sunflowers. The heads on them were HUGE.
Oh, let me say that we found out shortly after leaving the hotel that the camera batteries had died so Pete tried to take as many pictures on his camera phone as he could. I was very annoyed that we had forgotten that little detail but I figured would would have plenty of time later to take some pictures.

We visited the fish market where they chuck the fish at people. That was amusing to watch. First they threw a fish out to someone that worked there and he caught it and threw it back. Without missing a beat, they chucked one out into the crowd hitting a woman in the head. She screamed and then she realized it was a STUFFED fish. Too funny.

We were standing by the brass pig they have right there at that fish market and who walks by but Mario Batali. In his uniform. You know, complete with the orange clogs. He seemed as stuck on himself as he always does. In fact, when I hit Pete and told him that that was him, he turned to me and then stuck his nose up in the air and headed across the street. I guess if you're famous, you get tired of people bugging you and want to go through your day like a normal person but at least pretend you didn't hear me... Anywho, below is a picture of him at a vegetable vendor. From the back. Well, it won't let me post a picture so I'll have to post it separate.

We went and met our friends and I started to get droopy, plus I had to charge the batteries on the camera so they decided to head on over to the Aquarium. Pete said it wasn't anything special. A lot of salmon. LOL

They called me when they were done and I walked down to meet them for lunch at Ivar's. Oh it was good. I had a burger which apparently was sacrilege but I didn't feel like having seafood. My stomach had been bothering me and I didn't want to chance it. It was good though.
After lunch, Pete and I went back to take a nap.
The wedding was at five. It was beautiful. I will post pictures of the location as well.
It went by too fast.

After the wedding, we decided to hit the bar at our hotel. Pete and Jimmy wanted to go up the "club" district but I told them, that I COULD NOT walk that far in my heels. They were already digging into the back of my feet. And we all know that Seattle is a little hilly.

We went to the bar at our hotel and met a great couple from Freehold, NJ and had just come back from an Alaskan cruise. We sat and chatted for them until the bar closed. They were going to come and get us in the morning to go watch some football at a local place but Pete and I never heard them. We slept most of the day. Had some recuperating to do. LOL.

I think we laid in bed all day. While I wanted to do more sightseeing, I was not in any shape to be walking around. Way too hung over. I had been drinking Greyhounds the night before which is Vodka and Grapefruit juice. Let me stress that you CANNOT taste the vodka in these. So, that is that.

We left on Monday morning around 11:30, well rested and though I was not ready to go home, I know I can't continue to stay in a $300 a night hotel. I could not believe it.
Well, that's that.
I'll be posting some pictures in a post by itself.

Enjoy! :)


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  1. It's a shame I wasn't along when you saw Mr. Batali. I would've said the same thing I did when you emailed me that you saw him: "Who?" That'd take his nose down outta the air for a bit.


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