Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday musings

Got the below from my sister's blog- Juggling Scarves
Wow, does this describe me or what. I've always been somewhat of a firecracker.
I don't hold back much. Something about me that I love and hate. I try to be tactful but that just isn't my strongsuit.
Guess I get that from my Dad.
Can't write much today because we're off to see a friend at the hospital. She just had her second child yesterday. A little boy. Timothy Murphy or it's Timothy Michael. They haven't decided yet. I think it's going to be the first.
She was not due for another couple of weeks but the last time she had an ultrasound they said he was measuring at about 11lbs. LARGE. So they decided to schedule a C-Section. Turns out he wasn't that large but still they were willing to take their chances. He turned out to be 9lbs 5oz. Big enough.
And she had two weeks left. Had they waited he would have been 11lbs.
I joke with them that he must be all head since he and his mother have large nogins. The funny thing is, it's true! His head was huge.

Lets see, what else is going on. Well, my sister is in the spot to buy a home. I'm very excited for her. I know what it felt like when we started looking. Exciting and scary all at once. And it all happens so fast. From conception of thought to actuality it seems like you're thrust headlong into a meteor storm.
I wish I could be there to go looking with her to share in the excitement.
I think that's why I love working with first time homebuyers. Their excitement is contagious and it's so great to help someone find their first "dream home."
Alright, off to the hospital. I'm sure I'll come back with baby fever.
Now I'm singing "Boogie Fever" in my head.

More to come! :)


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  1. Meteor storm. That's apt. I've been using the analogy that I feel like Wile E. Coyote straddling a rocket, lit match in my hand.

    Saw 10 places this morning. Liked 5 of them. One is way out of my league (sigh...), so I didn't even have my agent look for the disclosure on that one. The other four, though, she has done. We're making second visits this afternoon, and I think by tonight I may have chosen the one I want to try for.



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