Monday, April 4, 2011

The Sound of Music

No, it's not what you think.  I'm not going to write about the musical.  I'm writing about the profound effect that music has on your memory. 

Have you ever heard a song from way back or even a couple years ago that brought you right back to a specific place in time?  I had one of those experiences a few days ago.  I had even thought about writing a series of posts about songs and the memories that are associated with them.  Then, I happened upon RemembeRED.  The prompt this week is about a smell or sound that provokes a memory.

Here is mine: Names changed to protect the guilty.


All six of us were sitting in Tara and Jane's room, yet again, avoiding class on a Thursday afternoon, smoking cigarettes and acting generally cooler than thou.  Silverchair is on the stereo, blasting through the cold silence.

Tara is moping.

She is waiting for her moment.

Scott made a rude comment about her.  Maybe it's about her weight.  Maybe it's about her crazy pink and black hair.  Maybe it's about her self-absorbed attitude.  It's anyone's guess, but she's pissed.

Tara rarely holds back.  Tara doesn't play fair.  Tara hits below the belt.  That's the beauty of Tara.  That's also what's ugly about Tara.  She's your best friend and your worst enemy.  Cross her and be damned.

The tension is palpable.  Something is going to break. 

The song changes.  Israel's Son begins.  The tension in the room grows.  Tara goes off.

I can't quite remember all the things that were said, but I know they were harsh.  They're not important.  All I remember were her last words to Scott. 

As Scott closed the door, Tara sang, "I hate you and your apathy and I want you to know that I want you dead."

Scott died a few days later in an auto accident.  That was the last time that any of us saw Scott.  Tara has never forgiven herself. 

I will never forget it.

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