Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Photography has been a love of mine since I can remember.  My first camera was one of those chintzy 110 cameras.  I would shoot roll after roll after roll.  I have no idea what happened to most of the pictures.

The love had gone a bit dormant until I ended up at BlogHer last year.  I sat in on one of the photography sessions and fell in love all over again.  Seeing all of those beautiful snaps rekindled my love for the art.

I bought my first DSLR in October 2010 and have barely put it down since.  Now I'm going through memory card after memory card.

Recently I signed up for the Superhero Photo E-Course with Andrea Scher.  It's only two days in, but I'm loving it.

Besides the shot above, here are some of my favorites so far.


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