Sunday, May 19, 2013

Three and a half hours well spent

Also known as, "the room of unwanted items" or my favorite, my new radio studio.....

I've been involved in internet radio for a little while now and just started a radio station with a couple of friends.  It's going really well, but I really wanted to set up a proper studio instead of broadcasting from the couch or, even better, my bed.  Yup, I've done my show while sitting on my bed.

We have a room in our basement that was, at one time, the office.  We moved the office upstairs to a room attached to the bedroom, but since the router is in the basement, it makes more sense to broadcast from that room.  So.... I went back into "the room of unwanted items."  The old office has been accumulating anything we've wanted to put out of the way, but didn't have a place to put it.  It became a giant, disorganized closet.

I had been passing the room at the bottom of the steps for quite some time.  I'd peek in, become immediately overwhelmed, and quickly walk in the other direction.  I don't know what happened this morning, but I decided to tackle some of it.  Three and a half hours, several cups of coffee, four dead spider carcasses,   and a Skype conversation later and the room is clean and set up.  I can hardly believe it.  I thank my friend, Jake, for putting up with the crackling trash bags, sneezes, and dead spider freak-outs during our conversation.

I started out by tackling almost three years of Yarn of the Month club samples, still in their bags.  My mother gave me these rolling carts for Christmas because I've been talking about organizing my yarn stash for quite some time.  I filled up one deep drawer with the samples I could find.  I know there are more lurking somewhere because I rearranged quite a few bags a couple of years ago.  I hesitate to go looking for them.

I honestly thought that is all that I would get accomplished before giving up and going back to knitting, but I pushed on.

Seven bags of trash later, the room is clean and vacuumed.

Hubs came down with the table and set up all of the electronic equipment.  I still need to put up some foam to help sound-proof the room.  The acoustics are great for a capella singing, but that doesn't translate well to the radio I don't think.

Now I'm just sitting down here staring at everything and hanging out.  It's nice to have my own space.  Let's hope I can keep it clean!

A special thank you goes out to Carly Rae Jepsen and Selena Gomez for helping me to dance and sing around the chaos.

**on a side note, you can listen to me live on Wednesday evenings from 8-9pm ET for paranormal talk, Thursday evenings from 8-9 pm ET to hear music from up-and-coming artists and those that don't get much/if any commercial airplay, and Friday evenings from 7-9pm ET for discussions on a multitude of topics from paranormal to psychological on Digital Radio 103.

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