Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A little bit of rum punch, a little bit of trip and fall

And it started out a little something like this…


We started out at the hotel.  Then we walked to The Rum Bar at The Speakeasy Inn where we had a couple drinks and met some cool people.

While at The Rum Bar we were invited to go on a sunset cruise – it was a birthday party.  I love a good party and wanted to go but I knew that I would not make it that long.  Oh, if I only knew… (cue foreshadow music)

We left The Rum Bar and traveled down Duval and ended up at 801 Bourbon Bar.  It is a cabaret bar.  We hung with one of the performers, Ruben.  Ruben was fun.  Ruben and I were pals yesterday. Ruben and I sang a lot.  Ruben and I are now Facebook friends. 

Hubs and I then made it up to Cowboy Bill's.  I did not take any pictures.  It was hot and I had too many drinks. Well,  I did not have THAT many but when you have breakfast at 9am and then you don’t put anything else in your stomach but alcohol?  Your body does not take it well.  This I know from experience.

We left Cowboy Bill’s and I asked to take a cab.  Hubs didn’t want to.  We weren’t too far from the hotel.  We should have taken a cab. 

We got less than a block from our hotel and my legs had had enough.  So did my feet. So did my knees. I tripped and it was all over. 


I also have a brush burn on my butt.  It hurts.  Not more than my pride.


  1. Ow! I always forget how back knee scrapes hurt!

  2. Yes and chlorine in knee scrapes is fun too. You should try it. :)

  3. So the night after sparklecorn I took the train home drunk as all fuck and I totally ate it on the stairs going UP (thank god) from the train station home. Graceful as always.

    And you are loved too. <3 a

  4. Oh no! But yes, luckily it was up the stairs. Tripping and falling seems to be my forte. I should be either used to it, or more graceful by now.
    My knees are still a mess but at least I have a funny story. :)


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