Monday, March 14, 2011

Wherever you go, there you are...

So it's the last morning of my vacation in Virginia. We check out in a couple of hours and I'm still not relaxed, though I did have a few moments of relaxation during the weekend.

We had a very nice lunch at Palladio's at the Barboursville Vineyard, yesterday. It was very expensive, $400 for five people, but it was R's birthday and the food was great. The wine pairings with each course were excellent and we lingered there, in our private room, for two and a half hours.
Besides that few hours and a few times when I was sitting quietly in the cabin, I was a big ball of stress.

For. No. Reason.

I kept thinking about my recent fertility appointment and how I need to lose forty pounds in order for any meds to be prescribed. I keep kicking myself for gaining back 30 of the 35 pounds I lost this past summer. I keep stressing about work and what I'm going to walk back into when I get back. I could barely sleep each night because of all the strange noises in my unfamiliar location.

Now I sit, after I've packed up most up the cabin and I've got nothing to do, but wait to check out and I've realized I wasted my vacation stressing about all the things that I came here to get away from.
I've been seriously been thinking about going back on meds. I thought I had been doing well, but with the amount of anxiety I've been dealing with lately my stomach is a mess, my blood pressure is rising, and I can never seem to truly relax.
I guess it's time to face the music. I can't do it on my own. So, I'll be calling the doctor and getting a new prescription when I get back.

I did take some great photos and I'll be sure to share them soon.
I'm very excited about my photography seminar with the Nikon School this coming weekend. That will be awesome!

Now I'm off to finish packing. Long drive ahead...

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