Thursday, March 31, 2011

Avoidance, thy name is Blog aka What I've been doing while I haven't been here

I have all these post ideas flying around my head at all times, but I rarely post anymore. I enjoy posting, but I've been so wiped out by the time I get home each day, I just flake out.

I'm on the third week of The Diet and I'm doing well. Its mostly protein drinks, but when I'm hungry, I eat. I just have to be aware of carbs.

So far, I'm down 12lbs! Hot damn!

Hubs and I joined a local gym and went for the first time, yesterday evening.

I. Freaked. Out.

I have not had an anxiety attack like that in a looooong time.

They took us on a quick tour and then set us loose. Hubs immediately headed for the elliptical machines and I decided that I would work on some of the weight machines.

I started with the leg machines, partly because they were out of view from the main part of the gym. I immediately had issues.

I did not know what the hell I was doing. They have these little instructions on the machines, but they do not include how to get IN TO THEM! Needless to say, my clumsy ass got some bruises and banged knees (and pride) as I struggled to get in and out of these contraptions.

I finished fumbling my way through the leg machines and made my way into the larger part of the gym.

Any machines that looked interesting were in use. Anything that looked like it would be a challenge to figure out were open.

I must've looked like a lost puppy because a fellow, female member came up to me and asked me if I needed help.
Clearly, I had no idea what I was doing.
She said that the one thing they're not good at is telling you how to use the machines and I was welcome to ask her anything if I saw her when I was there. Nice lady.

By this time, I had enough. My anxiety level was at it's height. Fight or flight.

My mind said, "Flight!!!!!! Everyone is looking at you! They know you have no idea what you're doing! What ARE you wearing? Fat! Fat! Fat!"

I darted to the bathroom and sat in a stall until I could get up the guts to get the car keys from hubs and then I beat feet to the car where I waited until hubs was done with his workout.

Defeated. Teary-eyed. Mad.

I vented on Twitter. Thanks to those of you that offered kind words of support. That gym hasn't seen the last of me. I'll be back.
Hubs and I spent a long weekend in Virginia wine country a couple of weeks ago. I have got to share some of the photos. It was a good time with great friends.
I've been doing a lot of investigating with the Paranormal Group that I belong to. I've been promoted to Case Manager, but have not taken on my new role yet. It should be great! We're saving money for a mobile lab to take on investigations. Can't wait until that happens. We have some great cases that we're working on and some great ones on the horizon.

I will also be doing a blog for our new website. It's in production so I'll share the link once it's done. Can't wait!

So, clearly I've been a very busy girl.

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