Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bring it, Fall!

I am so ready for Fall.  Bring it on!

I know.  I know.  That means that Winter is not far behind, but I'm ready for the cooler weather.  I'm ready for the crispness of a fall morning. I'm ready for the beauty of the changing leaves.  I'm sorry to those of you that  live in a place that has no seasons, I really am.

I'm ready for the smell of fallen leaves.  I'm well aware that smell is the smell of decomposition, but I love it all the same.  I also love the way that you can smell the hay in horse manure.  Yeah, I really do.

I'm ready for hot apple cider, making applesauce (mom, I hope that you plan on making more this year), planning winter knitting projects, football, sweaters, wearing socks, Halloween and all of the adorable kids that will stop at my door, hay rides, corn mazes, pumpkin spice coffee (thank you Dunkin Donuts for breaking it out early...) Thanksgiving, and the excitement that preparing for the holidays always brings.

I'm ready!  Bring it on! (The snow can suck it... but I love Fall!)

Are you looking forward to Fall?  Do you want to punch me in the face?


  1. Football? Not so much. Especially where I live. Saturdays in Happy Valley are a bit of a trial during home football games. You have approximately two and a half ours to get out, do what you need to do, and scurry back into your hole before the drunken fans leave the stadium and descend upon the town. However, I do like listening the the high school marching band practice.

    I like the whole crispness in the morning thing, and the colors, pumpkins, mums, wearing warmer clothing. Not a big fan of the actual decomposition of the leaves, though, as that brings out the leaf-mold allergy. And I dread Thanksgiving, though I'm getting a little better at doing it. I hope. This year I will try not to be so snappish. My foot was hurting me last year, and all the standing around in the kitchen did not help things at all. Nor did whatever it was we kicked up when the tried to shampoo the sofa.

    So all in all, I'm a bit ambivalent about fall.

  2. Bring it on! I love the crisp air and cool whispers in the wind.

  3. YES, I want to punch you! :) I'm dreading fall. I'm dreading winter. It's cold, gray, overcast... so dreary. It's enough to make me sob. Okay, not really. But I'll miss the warm days. Someday I'm going to go someplace where it's toasty ALL the time, and I'll never complain again... unless it's about the hot weather. ;)

  4. Aw Sarah, I'm sorry you're not on the Fall Fan Wagon. What I failed to mention is that I only like the cooler weather for about three months, then I'm ready for Spring and Summer. Winter can be skipped, as far as I'm concerned.

    V- Sorry you're dreading Thanksgiving. It can't help to have Hurricane Schenskie come flying in and invading your space either.

    Kristina - I LOVE IT! Love it. :)


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