Monday, June 13, 2011

My weekend in pictures

I spent a lot of time with my camera this weekend.  I went to a Pink Party for my cousin's new addition.  Unfortunately I left before I could take any snaps (sorry mom and ditter) and went immediately to an 8th grade graduation party (can't post the shots from there because I don't have parental clearance- I'm such a tease.)

Yesterday, I decided to do a little bird watching along with some nature shots of my progressing garden.  The crazy heat has speeded things up a bit, though I’m not sure how much because I am horrible with timing.  I never remember when things are going to bloom.  When they do, they do…

So here is my weekend in pictures.  Well, yesterday at least.

Here are some gratuitous Daisy shots just because she’s so damn cute.


Enjoy your week!  33 days until some awesome Key West pictures are taken.

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