Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A walk through my garden

I've been really restless lately.  I'm looking so forward to vacation that I find myself speeding through my day wishing that vacation would come sooner. (38 days to go, by the way)
It occurred to me, today, that I should really try and find things that delight me every day and not just wait for the "big" things.
So, I took out my camera and took a stroll through the back garden.

These things definitely delight me.

Yarrow - should be yellow soon

Rose Bush with undetermined name - These roses were planted in our first "real" apartment.  I dug them up and took them with me when we moved. I was worried they would survive.  It's been five years.

Feverfew  - It's taking over the garden, but I love the flowers.

Joseph's Coat Roses - I love roses.  I have six plants right now.

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