Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where I'm From

I was inspired to do this template by Schmutzie.  It is a template from Fred First Floyd.  You can read the story and complete the template here.  It really does turn out some amazing stuff. 
Here we go.

Where I'm From

I am from the old, rusty red, white, and blue swing set, from Ace Bandages and Calamine Lotion.

I am from the big white house on the hill, the dirty city, and the rolling Alleghenies that always call you home with their sweet summer smells and cold, cold winters.

I am from the lily of the valley, the hardy mountain laurel, the rose bush that always springs new growth from old wood.

I am from family get-togethers and grudges, from John and Gail, and Alfred and Ida, and a difficult cousin.

I am from jealousy and confrontation.

From what reflection I was to my parents and what an angel I wasn't.

I am from God and all of the challenges of faith.

I'm from Pennsylvania and the Scottish Highlands, fine roasted beef and Yorkshire pudding smothered with homemade gravy.

From the many broken bones, cuts and bruises of Cousin Andy Ritchie who was careless and free spirited, the childless Aunt Ida who was a grandmother to me until she forgot who I was, and the invisible, tap-dancing cat of my Uncle Bill.
I am from the old cardboard box, under a well-used bed, dragged out every few years.


  1. This turns out to be a pretty revelatory exercise, doesn't it? I'm thinking of doing it again for different periods of my life.

  2. Excellent idea! And yes... kind of healing as well.

  3. I have that cardboard box too. A couple of them. And every few years, a silent hour or so is dedicated to digging through them with the intention of cleaning it out, but never actually throwing anything away.

  4. Mine is at my parents. I was there this past weekend and I meant to go through it, but forgot! :)

  5. I have to sort out my boxes of photographs, I haven't looked at them for years.
    Beautiful writing.

  6. Thanks! I wish I could take credit, but it was more like a mad libs thing. Was fun to do!


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