Sunday, January 30, 2011

I hate winter

I really feel like I should have bolded that title.  I really hate it.  I mean at first it’s ok.  The holidays come in and they’re all merry and bright.  Then comes the downside to the year.  It’s dark, cold and dreary.  There’s no sitting outside in the sun or enjoying the breeze of the evening air.  It’s just cold, dark and miserable. Hubs and I are thinking of going to visit the Keys again in a month or so.  I hope it happens. 

Obviously I’ve been incommunicado for a few weeks.  With the weather making me miserable and a little health scare, I just stayed away from all social media.  Too depressed to think of anything to write about.

Good news is I’m ok and I’m baaaaack.

Since I’m sure there are other people feeling the same way about winter, below is a reminder of the warmer months.  I can’t wait for them to be back.




  1. Health scare? Care to email your sister and elaborate? Hm?

  2. Yes, winter stinks! I'm sooooo ready for summer!!! And the BEACH!!!


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