Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How My Day Started AKA I was in the UK?

I started my day out with an email, @DaisyPantalones and a DM from my sister on Twitter.
(Pardon the paraphrasing)
Vee – I’m sorry to contact you at work, but someone has hacked your Gmail account and is impersonating you.
I immediately freak and grab my phone and realize that someone has, indeed, hacked into my Gmail account and sent the most scandalous email. ( The red italics are my commentary.)
Subject: (BRUTAL EXPERIENCE) I NEED YOUR HELP URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am writing this mail with tears in my eye. (In the flight over 
I seem to have lost an eye. Horrible accident, I’ll tell you more 
about that in tomorrow’s post.)I thought I could reach out to you 
to help me out. I came out to United Kingdom for a short vacation 
unfortunately I was mugged at the park of the Hotel where I stayed,
all cash,credit card and cell phone ( I would kill for my phone so 
this, you can see, is a serious situation.) were stolen from me but 
luckily for me I still have my passport with me. I've been to the 
embassy and the Police here but they're not helping issues at all 
and my flight leaves in few hour from now but.
I am having problems settling the hotel bills and the hotel manager
 won't let me leave until I settle the bills. (What an asshole. 
He let me use his work computer to send this email though. 
He’s not heartless!)I need your help to loan me some money when
i get back i will refund it back asap.(I pinky swear!)

Susannah (my last name is here too, but well…)

Now first of all, the grammar is atrocious.  No one could possibly think it’s me.  (I hope.) 
Second, I don’t have a passport.  You fail, asshole.  Third, I talk to my family EVERY 
day. (Ok, I email almost every day…  Ok, at least once a week.) They know I’m
not overseas. Oh no, you suck again!

With all that said, I’m mortified!  Someone at work told me that they saw this exact
same situation on the news recently.  Some poor sucker fell for it and sent this 
Nigerian individual (yes, he/she was from Nigeria) money. We’re talking thousands
of dollars.  Duh!  They must walk around with a neon “I’m a sucker for everything” 
sign above their head.  Sorry if you’re one of those people that falls for every email. 
You know you’re gullible. This is not news. 

Ok, back to the story.  Not only did this person have the audacity to hack
into MY email account (I’m important, you see….) they have the double 
audacity to correspond with my sister?

OMG I can’t believe I didn’t tell you about my trip!”  

Really?  Really?  

So, since Gmail is blocked at work, I had to clumsily change my password from
my phone.Then I logged in and realized that this asshat had gone into my settings 
and forwarded my Gmail to this other email address at Yahoo. Now I feel REALLY
violated.  Thank goodness I don’t have any real personal information on that email
account, or any for that matter.  

Thankfully, my sister (being the angel that she is and yes I’m sucking up because
Christmas is coming. No really you’re an angel --Vee) sent the whole thing to Yahoo
reporting it as Fraud and Phishing.

What’s the moral of the story here, kids?  Don’t go on your iPhone when you’re in the 
Philadelphia Airport. Also, don’t get mugged outside of your hotel while visiting the 
UK for a short vacation.  The concierge at the hotel is really a jerk and will hold
you hostage until you bilk your friends and family for money to pay the bill.  

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  1. I so wanted to mess with this person by asking things like, "When did you get a passport?" and "You went to Great Britain without me?!? Then you're stuck there, bee-otch."

    Mom also sent them an email threatening them with the FBI. I don't think that works internationally, but since we didn't have any idea where Phishy McSpam was from it seems a viable threat.

    By the way, the spacing in your post is kinda funky. I had to copy-and-paste the text into notepad before I could read it all.


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